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Sept 5, 2012

Well this newsletter has become an annual instead of a monthly publication since we have been living on St. Maarten. Seems we have been busy with projects and day to day things and although there always does seem to be something new happening it isn't something to write about.

I am no longer working at the marina office. They have cut way back and the manager has to answer the phones when he is in there or they just don't get answered. Customers are way down too so it has been a slow year. We still go to pizza every Friday except from Aug to the middle of Oct when they go on vacation then I make pizza here on the boat and we have people over. I still go to water aerobics 3 times a week and Tess and I make regular trips to the beach for a walk or a swim. I really don't know where the time goes, but it goes quickly.

Our projects continue and with just us working on them with maybe some help from an outside guy every now and then they do go slow. But the new top is on and Jim is prepping it to finish up on the outside painting. The swim platform has been extended, painted and is back on and of course the new exhaust system is in and working. The galley is finished except for the countertops and new sink and we are working on plans to convert the main salon into a dining area. These of course are the highlights and the big projects and the hundred small everyday things were worked in along the way. Jim has set up a wonderful workshop in a rented container and has more tools in there than he has room for.

Our cat Winston is fine as is our dog Tess. Tess sleeps in the workshop while Jim is working so she can stay cool and also when it is storming. We have been blessed with only small hurricanes and tropical storms so it hasn't been too bad, thank goodness. Please keep your fingers crossed that this good luck continues.

I made my annual trip to St. Louis this summer and it was wonderful although really busy. Spent a couple weeks with my friend Beverly down in the country and enjoyed the peace and quiet there. My friend Audrey had foot surgery and I was her companion for almost a week enjoying her company and trying to help out as much as I could. Of course all the time before and after and in between I spent with Janice. She is still a little short on stamina but is greatly improved and doing well. We even had our annual party again this year since she was feeling so good. We had it earlier than usual so it would be cooler and we could all sit outside. The weather was great and everyone enjoyed it. I always enjoy my time in STL and with my dear friends. Unfortunately this year I missed seeing some people and for that I am sorry, but sometimes you just can't do everything. The most exciting thing that happened while I was home was my nephew Christopher and his wife Angie had their first baby, a beautiful boy named William David, who they call Will. He looks like Chris when he was little. I got to hold him and feed him and it was truly a thrill. Congrats to Chris and Angie.

I have been updating the website, also too long neglected, with new pictures and information. There are even some lovely pictures of Will out there, as well as pictures of our new top and galley. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. Of course the St. Louis pictures are there from 2006 so browsing thru them is always a walk down memory lane.

We are discontinuing our PO Box in Miami as it is seldom used, so all mail will have to go to Jim and to me at Janice's address and she will send it on to me. This should not be an inconvenience as hardly anyone ever used that address anyway. My issue has always been getting mail out not getting it in.

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