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MARATHON, FLORIDA - Several marinas with varying prices. Faro Blanco Oceanside fair conditions, Boot Key Harbor was dirty. Good restaurants: Village Café, Barracuda, Keys Fisheries, Burdines, The Quay. Good hair cut - Keys Hair Masters- Dorothy. Good Publix grocery store. There is a public bus that runs from Marathon to Florida City catch it at Publix to shop at Wal-Mart. Buy Bruce Van Sant's book "Passages South" valuable guide especially down island.

RODRIGUEZ KEY, FL - Uninhabited, waiting point for crossing. Good holding.

CHUB CAY, BAHAMAS - Privately owned. Poor holding in anchorage and can be rolly in bad weather. Marina is protected, provides services but they are expensive, $25 to call Customs, $2 for the bus to get there; not included in the marina fees. Easy to check in Customs there; check in fees vary for the Bahamas. It was $300 in 2004.

NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE, BAHAMAS - Several anchorages available. Good refueling spot -Yacht Haven. Duty free store across the street from Yacht Haven, marine store left and up the street, grocery store way up the street. The vendors under the Paradise Island Bridge for fresh fruits and vegetables and great conch salad.

ALLAN'S CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Good to poor holding. Waves rebound in the bay. Take apples ashore to feed the iguana. Quiet and beautiful good place to anchor. Highborne Cay is close with a marina, fuel and trash services available both expensive (4% for using a credit card trash $5.00 a bag limit 2).

NORMAN'S CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Restaurant- McDuffs, small make reservations. Holding outside good but can be rough with northwest wind. Inside holding fair but can be rough, lots of current - tide and wind conflict. Good conching and fishing. Airstrip and some private houses there.

HAWKSBILL CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Holding good. Part of protected wildlife park. Hiking, ruins of Loyalist plantations, and Kat-Mando beach, which is lovely.

WARDERICK WELLS CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Headquarters of the Exuma National Park. Wildlife sanctuary. Holding good at Emerald Bay. Protected area with moorings available but must make reservations in advance. A lot of hiking trails available and ruins of Loyalist plantations.

LITTLE BELL CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Holding good. A lot of hiking, snorkeling and diving options, nice beach.

STANIEL CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Yacht Club, restaurants and three markets; Pink, Blue and Isle General, the supply boat comes in on Wed for best selection. Marina, trash and water services available. Good holding. Thunderball grotto a must for snorkeling (low tide) or diving (high tide). Airstrip and services available.

BLACK POINT, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Good holding in anchorage. Small stores not much selection. Free trash service. Haircut - see Ester.

FARMER'S CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Poor holding, moorings when available. Fishermen sell fish and conch. Small stores, not much selection.

GALLIOT CAY, EXUMA BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Good holding only in anchorage area. Take carrots to shore to feed the pig. Snorkeling and swimming. Lovely area.

GEORGE TOWN, GREAT EXUMA BAHAMAS - Good holding in the anchorages in Elizabeth Harbor, can be rough with north/ northeast winds. Several car rentals, post office, government buildings, good dentist-Dr. Lee, medical clinic and restaurants. Two markets with fairly good selection though expensive. Exuma market has a mail pick up and delivery area for mail to and from the states. Mom's Bakery truck parked on the roadside has great stuff and Mom will give you a hug. Good boating community with lots of activities. The family regatta in April is fun. Big D's Conch Spot in Steventon great place for conch. Stocking Island has volleyball and the Chat N Chill for food.

RED SHANKS, GREAT EXUMA BAHAMAS - About 2 miles south of George Town, at Masters Harbor. Good holding, peaceful setting. Can dinghy to Georgetown via back way.

CONCEPTION ISLAND, BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Good holding. Lots of diving and snorkeling options. Conch Creek in the interior is a must.

RUM CAY, BAHAMAS - Good holding but very rolly. Marina is small. Green Flash restaurant has good food. Grocery store has larger selection than other islands but not great. Can tour the entire island on a golf cart in a couple hours. 5 bars for entertainment.

PLANA CAY, BAHAMAS - Uninhabited. Good holding but can be rolly in northeast winds. Good stopping point between Rum and Provo.

PROVIDENCIALES (Provo), TURKS & CAICOS - Turtle Cove is the best place if you want to see town. Anchorage in Sapodillo Bay has good holding but is 4 miles from town and transportation is very difficult there. Caicos Boat Yard, great place for parts and oil; poor place to stay, dusty and dirty with a horse named Buddy for aroma (he likes carrots), transportation is a nightmare, taxis are very expensive. Beware of Customs and officials they can be difficult; not much to see, very expensive does have grocery store.

FRENCH CAY, TURKS & CAICOS - Uninhabited - wildlife sanctuary. Winds out of the east-northeast make it very rolly and there is a surge. Nothing to see - waiting point going south.

AMBERGIST, TURKS & CAICOS - Airstrip, several houses under construction. Good holding, 2 islands, semi protected anchorage from east-northeast winds. No surge. Be careful of how you exit, there are many coral heads.

BIG SAND CAY, TURKS & CAICOS - Uninhabited. Large sand beach. Good holding but rolly.

LUPERON, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Protected anchorage, good holding, mud bottom, usually crowded. Good hurricane hole. Outer harbor is cleaner but not as protected. Good boating community they monitor channel 68. Call for assistance to come in as there are mud shoals in the harbor, and few markers. They charge harbors fees to anchor and to check in. Puerto Blanca Marina, radio doesn't work most of the time. No refueling from the marina dock or government dock must be trucked in. New marina started. Speak mostly Spanish, must use pesos can exchange at Verizon in town. Good Restaurants: La Estrada (Star), Casa Del Sol, and Aqui Lucas. Ana Lopez mini mart on concho corner good service and information also can get mail there. Bakery has great rolls (panagua) for 2 pesos. Casa Linda for Village Voice newsletter and custom cakes. Waterfall tour worth doing. Trips to Puerto Plata and Santiago by bus or Guagua to do heavy shopping at large stores. Good place to stock up on coffee, vanilla, spices, beer and rum. I also like the Chinola and Mango jams. Santo Domingo is about a 4-hour ride on local bus catch in town across from Ana Lopez's mini mart. Lots to see in the D.R. public transportation is available. Car rental see Patrick or Oasis car rental. If injured anywhere in the DR, go to a clinic rather than a hospital for better care. La Isabella is about 10 miles by land less by sea. Nice place to visit. Eat at Olivo's Pescaderia for great food, Hotel Miamar worth seeing the view, Taino Indian museum there and the food is good.

ESCONDIDO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Good holding, Nothing there but beautiful scenery, good anchoring spot unless with north/northeast swells then very rolly.

BOQUERON, PUERTO RICO - Nice harbor, good holding. Cute little town, like Key West with many bars, restaurants and shops. Shamar beach bar has food and drinks right on the beach by the town dock. No large stores. Fuel on the dock. Some English is spoken but a Spanish dictionary is handy, although many words especially about food are not in there.

PONCÈ, PUERTO RICO - Has small anchorage. Yacht Club is private, few slips available, not many live aboards. Has easily accessible fuel dock and is the best place to get fuel. Near an industrial park with marine store and Santiago a wholesale food warehouse about a half-mile from the boardwalk public dock; case lots mostly but do have meats and some small items, fresh vegetables and fruit. Walk into town and there is a large grocery store, Pueblo next to a mall. Sam's, Wal Mart and many other stores too. You'll need a taxi to get back with your purchases.

SALINAS, PUERTO RICO - Small anchorage, protected. Marina, trash & water, fuel dock is small and it is a tight fit. Restaurants, bakery, and marine store are near the marina. Town is about 2 miles with a grocery store (Grande) and a courtesy car to take you back to the marina, the post office is across the street. Library has free internet service. Santa Isabella to the west and Guayama to the east both have WalMart, KMart, large grocery and specialty stores but a car is needed.


ESPERANZA, VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) - About 7 miles off the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico. No marina, small anchorage, can be rolly. Nice beach, town has shops and restauranunts and a nice pier area. Sun Bay is right around the corner and is calmer but farther from town.

PUERTO FERRO, VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) This is one of the iridescent bays, calm with emerald green water clear at the entrance for snorkeling. You can see civilization but it is not close. Nice anchorage, no services.

CHRISTIANSTED, ST. CROIX (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Off the beaten path from the other VIs, this lovely 28 mile long island has great diving, snorkeling, beaches, shops, services, and restored buildings dating back to the 1700s. Christiansted has a full service marina and boat yard with a dinghy dock and restaurant and a nice boardwalk. Schooner's Bay, a gourmet grocery store has fresh baked bread, a deli, and large selection of wine and liquor all within walking distance of the marina. On the east side Protestant Key the anchorage is a little rolly and on the west side it is calmer but usually pretty full. There are also large grocery stores there, Cost U Less and Plaza Extra but you need to rent a car to get there. Lots to see and do on the island.

BAHIA SALINA DEL SUR, VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) - Formerly used as a military target range hiking this part of the island is prohibited because of unexploded ordnance that may be lying around, but the beach is nice and there are several wrecks and reefs excellent for snorkeling and diving. Nice anchorage although can be rolly good holding. No services.

ENSENADA HONDA, CULEBRA, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) - Has a small town, Dewey, with grocery stores, dive shops, a post office, bars and restaurants all with unique business hours; Mamasietas is a good beach bar to visit. Vegetable truck comes twice a week and parks across from the post office. Nice anchorages good holding. No marina. Lots of diving and snorkeling. Ferry runs to Fajardo if you need to revisit without cruising back.

ISLA CULEBRITA, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) - One of the tiny uninhabited islands surrounding Culebra. Excellent snorkeling and diving on the many reefs and coral heads. Nice beaches. Nice anchorages, good holding though can be rolly, exposed in bad weather. Good day anchorage.

MANGULAR, BAHIA ALMODOVAR, CULEBRA, PUERTO RICO (Spanish Virgin Islands) Nice anchorage, calm with free moorings this sparsely inhabited part of Culebra is ideal for most weather conditions. Just a few minutes from Culebrita.

ST THOMAS HARBOR, CHARLOTTE AMALIE (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Anchor across from the cruise ships near the heart of town. Several dingy docks available. Many shops and restaurants, Value Foods (past the Pueblo store and the gas station turn right 1 block) have great prices and can buy case lot goods as well as the best liquor prices. Vendor's stands on the main street for T-shirts; the Fruit Bowl for great produce; Gladys' in town for a great breakfast. Anchorage can be rolly and rough. Can tie up at the city dock for a fee with permission of the Port Authority, that is the place to get fuel at a good price. Carnival is the end of April and is a great party a must see if you are in the area. Great food, music, parades, Tramp thru the Streets, rides and crafts.

ELEPHANT BAY, WATER ISLAND, ST THOMAS (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Small anchorage on West Gregerie Channel off Water Island. Good holding, moorings available, fairly calm. Can dinghy to Crown Bay Marina easily where there is a gorumet grocery store. A Publo store is also at this part of town and many other stores and restaurants. Open taxis run through town and around the island for $1. It is about a 2 mile dinghy ride to the downtown dinghy docks.

RED HOOK, ST THOMAS (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Small anchorage. American Yacht Harbor marina has phone available for local calls; near boat yard and marine store; grocery store, restaurants and shops within walking distance. Safari bus runs down the main street and will take you into Charlotte Amalie for $1.

RENDEZAVOUS BAY, ST. JOHN (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Anchorage on south coast of island. Good holding, Snorkeling and beaches. No services.

LITTLE LAMESHUR BAY, ST. JOHN (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Part of the State Park, no anchoring, moorings available slight fee if you stay on them overnight. Great snorkeling. Beautiful place.

SALT POND BAY (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Part of the State Park, no anchoring, moorings available slight fee if you stay on them overnight. Great snorkeling. No services.

CORAL BAY, ST. JOHN (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Lots of places to anchor. Good holding. Store and restaurants. Dinghy dock. Skinny Legs has great burgers. Coral Harbor sometimes rolly.

MAJO BAY, ST JOHN (U.S. Virgin Islands) - Part of the State Park, moorings available slight fee, beautiful beaches, clear water, lots of fish. One of the best places we have been. No services.

GREAT HARBOR, JOST VAN DYKE, BVI (British Virgin Islands) - Good place to check through Customs and Immigration. Nice harbor, good holding can get pretty crowded. Foxy's is the place to go, good food, entertainment, micro brewery, famous for BBQ and New Year's Eve party (best in the Caribbean). A store and a few shops. Note: must get a permit from Customs to use the moorings in the BVI. Also permit is required for fishing.

GREEN CAY, BVI - Beautiful place to anchor; white beach, snorkeling. No services. Can be rolly.

CANE GARDEN BAY, TORTOLA BVI - Lots of activity, moorings and anchorage. Restaurants and shops.

SOPER'S HOLE, TORTOLA, BVI - small deep bay, moorings are $25; can anchor but way in the back of the harbor. Nice wharf area with shops and restaurants, marina and boat yard.

THE BIGHT, NORMAN ISLAND, BVI - Nice anchorage, moorings available. Floating restaurant.

TRELLIS BAY, BEEF ISLAND BVI - restricted anchoring in certain areas, moorings available; home of The Last Resort located on Bellamy Cay in the center of the bay. Close to the airport. Well protected in most weather.

MARINA CAY, BVI - small key with full service fuel dock, restaurant and Pusser's store with a few grocery items. Beautiful place to anchor and moorings are available. Note there are two No Anchor signs, one on Marina Cay, the other across the channel on Great Camanoe. Do not anchor between those signs, there is a cable running under the channel.

GORDA SOUND, VIRGIN GORDA, BVI - Several anchorages and mooring fields, marinas, shops, bars, stores and restaurants, but it is expensive. Bitter End is a good place to anchor by the resort; calm in east winds with a marina, store and trash service. Leverick Bay has a store and dingy dock; trash is $2 a bag to dump. Around the corner Gun Creek has Buck's a nice food store with reasonable prices. Saba Rock has a marina, resort, restaurant and a shuttle that goes to Gun Creek and other areas.

SPANISH TOWN, VIRGIN GORDA, BVI- Anchorage and moorings. Can check out through Customs here. Also has a Buck's but being in the high rent district the prices are somewhat higher. Nice marina and boat yard, Yacht Harbor, shops and services.

SIMPSON BAY, ST. MAARTEN (Dutch Side) - Can anchor outside or wait for the bridge to get into the harbor; opens 3 times daily. Marine stores are fabulous, boat yards, marinas, restaurants, services and free trash disposal. Mooring available or you can anchor. Carl & Sons Bakery 3 streets behind Budge Marine has wonderful bread and pastries at a reasonable price. The French bakery in town is even better and can be accessed by water. There are shops, bakeries, restaurants and services. Grand Marche is a wonderful grocery store. Can go over to the French side, St. Martin, by dinghy or anchor. There are shops and restaurants there also although I didn't like the grocery stores as well.

PORT OF GUSTAVIA, ST. BARTHELEMEY - Mooring, anchoring and dock space all available at a price; dinghy docks are plentiful. Currency is Euros; speak French and some English. Can rent scooters to see the island. Lots of shops and restaurants; Toms is a nice grocery store behind the Harbor Masters office. Le Select is a Jimmy Buffet Hangout. Pirates (drink) at Le Repaire des Rebelles et des Emigrés are a must.

RENDEZVOUS BAY, MONTSERRAT - Nice anchorage, good holding, no services. Surrounded by cliffs on 3 sides with a small patch of beach only accessible by water or a path down the hill. Wild goats are fun to watch climbing the cliffs.

ILET A CABRIT, ILES DES SAINTES - Small group of islands with some services but not on Ilet A Cabrit. Very deep but holding is good. No entrance fee here or Guadaloupe.

CASTAWAYS HOTEL, DOMINICA - Small anchorage in front of the hotel where you are less likely to be bothered by boat boys. Security seems to be somewhat of an issue in Dominica but there are people there who will watch your boat if you go ashore. No fees, no services.

FORT DE FRANCE, MARTINIQUE - No entrance fees. Anchorage has good holding but is rolly. The ferries add to the problem. Lots to see and do. Many shops, restaurants and stores, not many American products. Nice open air markets for vegetables, fruit and other things. Cruisers can check in at Sea Services marine store about a block north of the dinghy dock that is next to the Ferry dock. Dighy dock is can be difficult with waves or swells. Construction going on at the waterfront. Euros are the currency used.

ANSE MITAN, MARTINIQUE - Across the harbor from Fort De France south side of the bay. Good holding, calmer when the seas are untenable at Fort De France when seas are rolling in from the southwest. Ferries run to Fort De France daily. Marina and services, shops and restaurants.

MARIN, MARTINIQUE - Large calm anchorage home to many charter companies. Many boats stored on moorings. Mud bottom hard to hold with plow type anchor. Champion super market has good variety although not many American products. Marina, fuel (although price is high in Euros) boat yard for repairs and other stores and restaurants.

RODNEY BAY, ST. LUCIA - Marina, services, stores and shops. Good fuel prices. Customs dock right in the marina. Check in fee. Customs demands payment in ECs the Caribbean currency.

CHAGUARAMAS BAY IN TRINIDAD - Marina, services, stores and shops. Customs dock at the marina. Immigration is rude but Customs is pleasant and will accept US dollars. Local currency is Trinidad and Tobago dollars. Good holding. Very busy.

GRAND FOND BAY, MONOS ISLAND, TRINIDAD - Good holding, quiet anchorage. No services. Beautiful.

CUMANA BAY, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO YACHT CLUB ANCHORAGE - Marina, fuel (prices are good) store within walking distance. Good holding. TTYC marina has good security and good rates. Maxi Taxis (white vans with a colored strip around them Yellow for this area) run to all parts of the island and can be caught right out on the street, just wave them down. Not far from a large Mall and shopping complex.

CHACACHACARE ISLAND, TRINIDAD - Up until 35 years ago it was a Leper colony. It has several nice anchorages, is very private and you can go to the beach and explore the abandoned buildings of the colony and the lighthouse. Very deep and when it shelves it does so rapidly so the distance between anchoring depth and aground may be less than 100 feet. Located only 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela and the western coast of Trinidad. Good day anchorage, however the Coast Guard says it is not safe to stay overnight without other boats around.

PRICKLY BAY, GRENADA - Good holding. Rolly. Boat yard, stores and access to local transportation to take you anywhere on the island. St. George is where the cruise ships come in and where the best shopping is located. Spice Island Shopping Center has the best grocery store.

TERRIL BAY, CARRIACOU - Good holding, rolly on tide changes. Has small marina & boat yard, small grocery stores, trash disposal on the hill behind the boatyard, and transportation into Hillsborough the largest town on the island for the best shopping and where Customs is located.

CLIFTON BAY, UNION ISLAND - Anchor behind Newlands reef where you can swim, snorkel or dive. Go to the Anchorage Yacht Club dinghy dock and walk from there next door to the airport to check in. The town of Clifton is in the opposite direction. Lots of shops, produce stands (our favorite is Jenny's), a bakery with fresh bread daily, and a French gourmet shop with croissants. In the winter months with lots of wind and heavy seas it is rolly.


HORSESHOE REEF, TOBAGO CAYS - A group of small uninhabited islands huddled behind Horseshoe Reef the Tobago Cays are a national park with no fishing, jet or water skis allowed. Do not anchor your dinghy use the dinghy moorings to snorkel on the reef. There are no services, trash should not be given to the local children for disposal as they just dump it on the island and keep the money. Lots of swimming, snorkeling and diving in the clear blue/green water. There is no protection from the ocean wind and during the winter months it is rolly especially on tide changes. Usually very crowded.

PETITE ST. VINCENT - Nice anchorage with beach, no services just a resort with a restaurant. Can dinghy over to Petite Martinique or anchor there and dinghy over to here whichever is calmer.

PETITE MARTINIQUE - Small anchorage where you can get fuel. One of the deepest bays for fueling but since there is no more duty free gas it is not the cheapest anymore (it was 80 cents a gallon higher when we were there). There are a few small stores where you can get bread and a few items. Not a big tourist attraction, just a small fishing village that builds wooden boats on the beach.

CHATHAM BAY, UNION ISLAND - Quiet beautiful place with a nice beach, in an almost uninhabited part of Union Island. No services. Nice anchorage and since it is off the main path, not crowded. Recommended for chilling out.

FRIENDSHIP BAY, BEQUIA - Fair holding, nice beach, restaurants. Rolly in northeast winds. Close to MoonHole.

ADMIRALTY BAY, BEQUIA - Poor holding in sand & dead coral bottom, sometimes takes several times to get hooked; moorings available. Calm except during northerly swells. Lower Bay is rolly more often. Lots of shops, produce stands, trash dumpsters, services, and fuel. Porthole restaurant has good food at a reasonable price and they have bread, eggs and a small store. Some of the restaurants sell bread and various other provisions. Moonhole is an interesting side trip as is the Old Fort Restaurant on top of the hill. Spring Resort has a Sunday curry lunch but we liked Cocoa's food and view better. Spring Studios has pottery and artwork.

SOUFRIERE, ST. LUCIA - Part of a marine park, moorings available around the bay but the Bat Cave moorings allow snorkeling right off your boat although a bit rolly. Small restaurants, bakeries, stores, trash dumpsters and other services available. The beauty of the Pitons surrounding this quaint fishing village is breathtaking and you can see the bats flying at night.

MARGIGOT BAY, ST. LUCIA - Very protected; moorings available and anchoring in the harbor and outer bay. Boutiques, restaurants, and market available; short-term dockage available at Moorings Marina.

RODNEY BAY, ST. LUCIA - Outer bay is clean with good holding. Lagoon has calm anchorage, marina, shops, marine store, fuel, trash disposal, dinghy dock and shopping center. Just a short taxi ride from Castries and the large open market and stores. Pigeon Island anchorage is right off the beach with snorkeling at the end and Jambe de Bois, a quaint restaurant, bar, cyber cafe with a large book exchange.

MARIN, MARTINIQUE - Good holding on the left side of the anchorage although most people go to the right side. Lots of stores, shops, marine store and services. Mango Bay good restaurant. Book exchange at laundry.

SAINT ANNE, MARTINIQUE - Beautiful anchorage, lovely water, trails to hike, snorkeling and swimming. Little town with shops and restaurants; our favorite place in Martinique.

PRINCE RUPERT BAY, DOMINICA - Good holding. Portsmouth has restaurants and shops. Areas that are the marine park no anchoring is allowed but can anchor around the town or south side of bay is quiet and we were told, safer near the beach between the two resorts.

GRAND BOURG, MARIE GALANTE - Good holding in a man made bay. Checked through Customs here. Small town with stores and restaurants. Most businesses and Customs close up from 12-2:30 for lunch.

ST. LOUIS, MARIE GALANTE - Beautiful anchorage with clear, clean water, lots of area to anchor, good holding. Town has dinghy dock, restaurants and shops but is small and most things close all afternoon. Trash dumpsters right on the town dock.

POINT A PITRE, GUADELOUPE - Large anchorage, good holding. We found the west side to be quieter. Has many stores, restaurants and services. Here you can take the Riviere Salee that divides the two halves of the island, cutting off significant miles. There are two bridges on this river and they only open once daily between 4:30 and 5 am.

ENGLISH HARBOR, ANTIGUA - Small anchorage fair holding with obstacles and rocks. Nelson's Dockyard is a National Park (lots of history ) and has a marina, restaurants, stores and services. There are charges for staying in the harbor and it is more expensive to check in here than some of the other islands. Don't miss Shirley's Heights Lookout.

FALMOUTH HARBOR, ANTIGUA - Large anchorage good holding. Within walking distance by road of English Harbor to check in. Has several marinas, restaurants, shops and services. There are fees attached to everything here, $50 for getting fuel, $60 to get a package released from Customs, a taxi to the airport is $75. Labor charges for work are from $60-70 and up per hour. Not a great place for repairs or having parts shipped in. St. John the capital city is accessible by bus, with Redcliffe Quay by the cruise ship dock (an excellent shopping area), and the Commissioner Grill an excellent place for lunch.

JOLLY HARBOR, ANTIGUA - Can only anchor in the outer harbor; good holding, lovely view. Marina and services available but very expensive. Nice grocery store and shops.

GUSTAVIA, ST. BARTS - Moorings and dockage (stern to) available in the harbor, large anchorage outside with good holding but can be rolly. Customs is right off the dinghy dock . Lots of shops restaurants, bakeries and wine stores. La Select the oldest bar in St. Barts (1949), is a good meeting place and has reasonable food; a Jimmy Buffet place so of course they have T-shirts.

MARIGOT BAY, ST. MARTIN - French side of the island. Nice anchorage good holding. Nice waterfront, West Indies Shopping Mall, restaurants and services. Like the other French islands clean and well kept. Can go under the bridge into Simpson Bay Lagoon; check the schedule.

SIMPSON BAY LAGOON, ST. MAARTEN/ ST. MARTIN- Large area good holding but it is grass over sand and you have to pull hard to set good. Can anchor on the French or the Dutch side, but the French side is free and the Dutch side charges a daily fee plus a fee to use the bridge. On the Dutch side there are lots of services, marinas, shops, restaurants and chandleries along the lagoon. Gourmet Marche has dinghy access located on Airport Road, and a bakery across the street. There is a larger French bakery by the Simpson Bay Marina complex that you can also reach by dinghy and they have wonderful breads and pastries as well as some nice lunch items. On the French side Marigot has bakeries, shops, marinas and restaurants and the West Indies Mall. Local bus service (vans with BUS on their license plates) is available to take you to Philipsburg, home to the cruise ship docks with a nice shopping area, Marigot, or anywhere around the island, just stand on the side of a main road and wave at them and they will stop.

TRAVEL LOG - 2007-10

SIMPSON BAY LAGOON, ST. MAARTEN/ ST. MARTIN - We fell in love with St. Maarten and have stayed here for a long while. We have weathered hurricanes and storms as well as hot summers and balmy winters. Enjoyed the beaches and the people. We have done some major changes to Irony as parts are easy to get shipped in here. We plan on using this as our base and to travel around the Caribbean from here and back again.


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